Car accidents are some of the most frequent causes of personal injuries in the United States. According to some estimates, most drivers will file a car accident claim once every 17 years or so. Also, because car accidents can be relatively minor, such as a small fender bender, people don’t often worry about visiting the doctor later. After all, what’s a little whiplash?

Believe it or not, whiplash can be more severe than you think. Depending on how much pain you were in when the injury occurred, you could be experiencing chronic pain later as a result of it. While whiplash symptoms can disappear after a couple of weeks, sometimes they can linger on for years.

Getting yourself looked at by a physician after a car accident can also save your life. Some concussions don’t manifest in the usual symptoms, such as confusion or dizziness. Concussions can look like memory loss, mood swings, sleep loss, and excessive fatigue. If you sustained a head injury, even a minor one, you should be diagnosed by a doctor as soon as possible, or you could get an even worse injury later.

Likewise, internal bleeding is extremely hard to diagnose if you’re not a medical professional equipped with diagnostic machines. People have been known to get into car accidents, sustain internal bleeding, and collapse later from blood loss.

Another reason to see a doctor directly after an accident is for legal purposes. If you later need to file a claim for lost wages because you had to stay home to recover, for example, your insurance company or the company of the at-fault driver might deny your claim on the basis you didn’t get your injury treated. Seeing and being diagnosed by a medical professional, including just visiting a licensed chiropractor, can be sufficient evidence to prove to the insurance company you are not just attempting to con the business out of extra money.

While insurance companies are held to accountability by good faith insurance laws, they don’t always make the decisions based on how it can help a claimant. After all, an insurance company makes its income from the premiums people pay, not by paying medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage claims. An insurance company will do its best to deny your claim or give you less than you feel due in compensation for your injuries.

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