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Pain and Suffering

Pain and Suffering — Our Firm Can Help Victims Pursue Compensation

How do you figure out how much your pain and suffering from your personal injury is worth? It’s not a simple task. Because each person’s tolerance for pain is different, there is no scale for quantifying the pain. This makes it crucial for you to work with an experienced lawyer at Metzger Wickersham determine how much your pain and suffering are worth monetarily. Pain and suffering damages are similar to another type of damages, mental anguish and emotional distress.

Measuring Pain and Suffering

Certain factors can be measured accurately to document one’s discomfort level:

  • The duration of the recovery period
  • The amount of medication the injured person required
  • The types and length of treatments necessary
  • The extent of change to the victim’s quality of life

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer with Our Firm About a Pain and Suffering Claim

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