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Smith & Nephew Hip Implant Lawsuits

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Smith & Nephew has recalled some of its hip implant and replacement products due to growing concerns that they could be causing cobalt poisoning or metallosis in patients.

Hip implant models that have been implicated in lawsuits include:

  • Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) Hip Implant
  • R3 Acetabular Hip System
  • Modular SMF Hip System
  • Modular Redapt Revision Femoral Hip System

If you live in Pennsylvania and have undergone a hip replacement surgery that was completed with a Smith & Nephew hip implant or replacement system, then Metzger Wickersham wants to hear from you. Even if you have not yet been diagnosed with any side effects caused by a defective hip implant, you could still have an eligible claim or possibly have the chance to join a class action or mass tort.

Our attorneys are currently looking into cases much like yours, and we have taken on big-name medical device manufacturers for our clients in the past. Using our decades of collective legal experience, we can determine if you have a valid claim to file against Smith & Nephew, as well as what you should be doing next if you do.

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Years of Defective Hip Implants

The latest concerns about the Smith & Nephew Birmingham Hip Resurfacing hip implant are only a small number compared to all issues the company’s products have faced in the last decade alone. Thousands of hip systems have been recalled by the manufacturer, starting in 2012. Most have been related to links between the hip replacement systems and metal poisoning. If you have been diagnosed with metallosis, and you have a Smith & Nephew hip implant, then there is a strong chance it is not a coincidence.

What is Metallosis?

When metals seep into a person’s bloodstream, it can cause metallosis or metal poisoning. The recalled hip implants use cobalt and other metals, which have been observed flaking apart after being installed. As a patient moves around, the metal-on-metal joints of certain Smith & Nephew hip implant systems rub together, gradually producing small metal flakes that break off and enter nearby soft tissues and muscles. If enough metal flakes enter nearby tissues, then it can cause metallosis.

Metal poisoning or metallosis symptoms can range from moderate to severe, including:

  • Cardiovascular failure
  • Deafness or tinnitus
  • Hypertension
  • Thyroid complications
  • Vision loss
  • Nervous system sensitivity
  • Chronic pain
  • Migraines

If you have experienced any of these symptoms after getting a Smith & Nephew hip implant, then we encourage you to see a trusted medical provider as soon as possible. You might be suffering from undiagnosed metallosis.

Revision Surgery Can Be Dangerous

To stop further metallosis and its symptoms, defective hip implants must be removed. Revision surgery can be done to extract the hip replacement system and implant a new one that does not use the same metal-on-metal joint.

As with any major surgical procedure, revision surgery to remove a defective hip implant can be dangerous and cause its own side effects. For many Smith & Nephew hip implant patients, the biggest risk caused by a defective implant could be a revision or corrective surgery, not necessarily metallosis. If you have not undergone revision surgery to remove a defective hip implant system, then you should talk to your doctor about your options and the risks involved in each one.

What Compensation Can You Get from Smith & Nephew?

You might be able to claim a variety of damages in your case against Smith & Nephew, including costs for:

  • Medical treatments involving the initial hip system implantation.
  • Revision surgery and additional medical care afterward.
  • Pain and suffering caused by the defective product and metallosis.
  • Disability if the implant has affected your walking ability.

The value of your claim will be determined by how badly you have been affected by your Smith & Nephew hip replacement system. As your chosen hip implant lawyer attorneys, we can calculate your damages and demand a maximized amount to help you live more comfortably tomorrow, just as you deserve.

Stand Up to Big Companies Like Smith & Nephew

Metzger Wickersham and our Pennsylvania Smith & Nephew hip implant lawsuit attorneys are here to amplify your voice after a medical device maker has caused you so much harm. We believe that every patient should have the right to assume that any medical product they use, like a hip replacement system, is safe to use and won’t cause more harm than good. Oftentimes, the best way to send that message loud and clear is to hold big companies accountable through a claim or lawsuit that targets their profits.

Let’s get to work on your case. Call (888) 286-2850 now.

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