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Truck Accidents Vs. Car Accidents

Guidance from Pennsylvania Auto Accident Attorneys

Truck accidents and car accidents are both motor vehicle collisions that cause thousands of deaths and many more injuries each year. However, the similarities between the two do not extend much further, especially from a legal standpoint. The process of handling a truck accident claim compared to a car accident claim can feel much different for a variety of reasons.

To make certain you are handling your claim correctly, start by teaming up with Metzger Wickersham. Our team of personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania know the ins and outs of both truck accident claims and car accident claims. While you focus on recuperation, let us handle everything else, starting with helping you understand the differences between both types of accidents and claims.

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Devastation Caused by Both Types of Accidents

The first major difference between a truck accident and a car accident is the damage typically caused. Car accidents can cause catastrophic injuries, of course, but it is far more likely to see serious injuries as a result of a truck accident due to the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks. Federal trucking regulations allow big rigs to weigh up to 80,000 pounds, whereas the average weight of a small passenger vehicle is just 4,000 pounds. Upon collision, the force of the truck will entirely overpower the smaller vehicle, causing immediate devastation.

Injuries and consequences commonly seen in truck accident claims include:

Proving & Pinpointing Liability

Truck accidents are also different from car accidents in that they create a unique set of liability circumstances that require extensive investigation. The truck driver who hits you is probably not the only party who can be found partially liable for your damages. In a car accident, though, there is usually just one liable party: the negligent driver that hit you.

In many truck accident cases, fault can also be placed on:

  • Trucking company: If a trucking company schedules a trucker unreasonable hours that leave them fatigued behind the wheel, then they could be found liable for professional negligence that contributed to an otherwise preventable crash.
  • Maintenance crew: Some truckers depend on teams of maintenance crew members to inspect and fix their vehicles at regular intervals. Failures to make needed repairs can cause an accident and put liability on these maintenance crews, who may even be independently contracted.
  • Load crew: An incorrectly loaded truck can cause it to tip, or its brakes to fail. Load crews sometimes load trucks without the truck driver ever being given a chance to check their work. A crash could be caused in part by a load crew’s mistakes.

We Can Help You Seek Justice & Compensation

Get all the help you need figuring out your truck accident or car accident claim with Metzger Wickersham and our Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident attorneys. We are available 24/7 for client emergencies, have 130+ years of total legal experience, and even come to your home or hospital for appointments when needed. This is the type of service and personalized attention you can expect from our law firm! When your case is with us, you are in good hands.

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