Coping With the Aftermath of Lancaster Car Accidents

Car Crash Aftermath

When car accidents occur, coping with the aftermath can be difficult for victims and their families. In addition to dealing with the recovery process for injuries, which may be painful and difficult, victims and their families also need to be able to cover the costs of medical care. This can be very difficult for families, especially as many of the costs incurred as a result of collisions are not covered by insurance.

One recent crash demonstrates the importance of determining whether you can seek recovery for car accident losses from another driver responsible for the crash.

Lancaster Online reported on the recent serious accident which illustrates some of the severe consequences of collision involvement. The accident happened in Ephrata Township when a young man crashed his sports car into a utility pole at 920 Glenwood Drive. The area where the accident occurred was approximately 1 1/2 miles to the north of Hinkletown. The young man was trapped in his vehicle for a full hour as rescue personnel tried to free him from the vehicle.

When the young man was finally freed from the accident, he was identified as having multiple extremity trauma. He had to be flown via a JeffSTAT medical helicopter to Lancaster General Hospital for treatment. The area where the accident occurred has been the site of eight or more accidents over the course of the past two years. Many of the collisions in the area, including this recent one, may have been speed related. The location has also been the site of two speed-enforcement efforts in the past several years.

In this case, the man who was involved in the accident will likely have a lengthy recovery period due to multiple injuries. He may also have worrisome medical bills to contend with. Crash victims involved in collisions like these are also typically expected to pay for some or all of the air ambulance cost, as insurance typically does not cover this type of service or pays only a small portion of the costs.

The National Association of Insurance Commissions indicates the average trip in an air ambulance is around 52 miles. The cost of this 52-mile flight can range between $12,000 and $25,000 per trip. Depending on the type of medical services provided and the medical personnel who were on the flight, the cost can sometimes be much more. NAIC warns: “Many insurers will pay what they deem reasonable use of an air ambulance; however, sometimes the air ambulance company and the insurer disagree on the cost. Depending on circumstances, the remainder of the bill—which could run in the thousands of dollars—could be your responsibility.”

In situations where another driver was responsible for causing the accident, the victims or surviving family members of crash victims can try to seek recovery for this cost and for other financial damages resulting from the accident.

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