Our Legal Team is Investigating Cases of Ovarian Cancer Linked to Talc-Based Powder

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Every year, about 25,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and over 15,000 die from this illness. According to statistics, one in 70 women are diagnosed, and research shows that women who have used talc-based products daily on the genital area for hygiene have a 30% to 60% increased risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Talc is a mineral composed of a variety of elements, including silicon, oxygen, and magnesium. This substance is ground into form talcum powder, which is used to absorb moisture and is marketed in the form of hygienic products. Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower are the most widely available talcum powder products.

In the past several decades, nearly 127,500 women have died due to ovarian cancer that could be linked to talcum powder use on the genital area. According to research and reports, about 1,500 women will die in the next year due to talcum powder usage. Lawsuits regarding such fatal results assert that the manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, knew of the ovarian cancer risks associated with its talc-based products but failed to warn consumers of the risks.

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