Tips to Prepare for Your Social Security Disability Application

The Social Security application process can seem daunting. What information will you need? How will you know if you're filling it out correctly?

An experienced SSD attorney can assist you in completing and submitting a new application for benefits from start to finish. However, whether you seek help from a lawyer or decide to file the application on your own, there is some preparation needed to help the application process run smoothly.

Before you start your application, gather as much information as possible about the following topics:

Health Care Providers

  • Include names, phone numbers and addresses of any and all providers that have treated you for your conditions.
  • Include the time frame when you were treated by the providers.
  • List all treatments that they have prescribed for you.


  • List all medications that you take (over-the-counter and prescription).
  • Include:
    • Dosage amount and frequency
    • Reason or condition it is prescribed
    • Any side effects that you experience
    • Name of the provider that prescribed it

Medical Tests

  • If you have had any medical tests for your conditions, include:
    • Name of the tests, labs, or x-rays
    • Dates of the tests
    • Reason it was ordered
    • Name of the provider that ordered it


  • List the name and address of all employers from the past 15 years.
  • Include a description of the job duties you performed.
  • Indicate what physical activity you performed at your job in an eight hour day:
    • How many hours you walked, sat, stood
    • How much weight you lifted and carried
    • How many hours you stooped, kneeled, crouched, or crawled
    • Did you handle large or small items?

Keeping accurate records and preparing thoroughly will ensure that you or your attorney has the proper information to submit on your application. Omitting or failing to gather sufficient information can hinder your claim before it even starts.

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