When Should You Go to the Doctor After a Slip and Fall Accident?

slip and fall

Every day, thousands of people suffer injuries from slip and fall accidents. When a fall occurs because of a property hazard that may have been caused by negligence, the negligent party could be held liable for the victim’s medical costs and other expenses.

However, a fall victim isn’t automatically entitled to monetary damages, despite the seriousness of the injuries. The injured victim must seek medical attention and file a personal injury claim.

When to Receive Medical Attention After an Injury in a Slip and Fall Accident

In Pennsylvania, there is not a definitive deadline for seeing a doctor after a slip and fall accident. However, our personal injury attorneys recommend that you seek medical attention as soon as possible or within the first several days after you suffered an injury. If you are not able to visit your family physician within a few days of your incident, then you should go to a walk-in clinic or an emergency room.

Why Is It Important to Seek Immediate Medical Attention?

The most important reason is your health. Even serious injuries, such as a fractured rib or a torn ligament, can go unnoticed before being diagnosed. You may believe you are experiencing a little soreness, when in reality, you have a broken bone or soft tissue damage. If you struck your head in the fall, it is possible you have suffered a mild brain injury that may feel like a serious headache.

Other than protecting your health, visiting the doctor right away makes it easier for an injured victim to pursue their claim successfully. The longer you wait to see your physician, the more difficult it may become to obtain the most favorable outcome from your claim.

The doctor is responsible for documenting the recovery process of an injury. By creating a timeline of the injury and its effects on your life, medical records are important pieces of evidence that can strengthen your injury claim.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury after being involved in a slip and fall accident caused by a negligent property owner in Pennsylvania, contact the personal injury attorneys at Metzger Wickersham and schedule a consultation today.

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