2 Lancaster Children Attacked by Pit Bull

Two Lancaster children are in serious condition after a male pit bull terrier attacked them on June 19. The children were in their car seats in a minivan when the loose pit bull somehow got into the vehicle. The children’s mother was successful in ending the attack with the help of nearby neighbors, but not before the two children were seriously injured. It was reported that the pit bull weighed 66 pounds.

The boy, 5 years old, and the girl, only 2 years old, both suffered severe facial lacerations, nerve and muscle damage. While no charges have been filed by police, the attack is still under investigation.

If you are attacked by a dog, get the necessary medical treatment, then contact the police and your local dog warden. Civil liability of the owner of the dog that attacked may be dependent on a criminal violation of the Dangerous Dog Statute, 3 P.S. § 459-502.

UPDATE (June 28): The owner, whose identity has not been released, has volunteered to euthanize the dog.

Source: lancasteronline.com