Pennsylvania Car Crash Fatalities Hit Lowest Level Ever Recorded

Car accident related fatalities in 2016 were at their lowest level ever recorded.

Governor Tom Wolf and PennDot recently announced that traffic fatalities in the Commonwealth in 2016 were at their lowest level in nearly 90 years, when the state began keeping such records. Unfortunately, 1,188 fatalities still occurred, most likely due to driver error.

The top tips for safe driving are well known, but perhaps not repeated enough. Rich Kirkpatrick, PennDOT’s press secretary, recently appeared on WITF’s Smart Talk and reiterated those top tips.

To keep yourself and the other drivers on the road safe:

  1. Put down your device. Distracted driving can lead to disastrous consequences and the circumstances on the road can change in an instant.
  2. Never drive impaired. Not only is drunk driving still a huge issue, but “drugged” driving has been on the rise, as well.
  3. Always wear your seatbelt.
  4. Don’t drive aggressively.
  5. Obey the speed limit. The speed limits are in place to account for traffic volume, site distances, and other road conditions. Exceeding them can be dangerous.

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