Distracted Driving Citations on the Rise in Pennsylvania

More than ever before, Pennsylvania drivers are being cited for texting, emailing, and wearing headphones while behind the wheel.

According to data released by the PA court systems, law enforcement across the state issued 15,542 citations for distracted driving in 2017. Last year’s citations make for a 52 percent increase from 2016, and a 172 percent increase from citations in 2013.

The top 10 counties for distracted driving are:

  1. Montgomery, 11%
  2. Allegheny, 8%
  3. Philadelphia, 7%
  4. Chester, 6%
  5. Bucks, 6%
  6. York, 5%
  7. Delaware, 4%
  8. Cumberland, 4%
  9. Lancaster, 4%
  10. York, 4%

The data also shows that 37 percent of the people cited for distracted driving were in their 20s, 28 percent were in their 30s, and 69 percent of those cited were male.

In further attempts to curb distracted driving, two new bills are currently in the House Transportation Committee for consideration. House Bill 1684 seeks to set guidelines on license points for those convicted of using phones while driving, while House Bill 892 proposes extra fines for drivers using electronic devices, grooming devices, eating and drinking, reading and other dangerous distracted driving behavior. Additional fines incurred by offenders would go to the Driver Distraction Awareness Fund and pay for an educational program to encourage drivers to eliminate distractions.

Distracted Driving Citations in Pennsylvania Infographic - Metzger Wickersham

Source: Pennlive.com
Infographic Source: Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts

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