Which PA Counties Have the Most Vehicle Crash Fatalities?

According to a recent article on Pennlive.com, on average, one person dies about every eight hours in a crash on Pennsylvania roads. The state averages 351 reportable traffic crashes per day, with about nine people injured in crashes every hour.

In 2017, there were 128,188 reportable crashes in the state, killing 1,137 people and injuring 80,612. However, those numbers contained some good news: the rate of fatalities was the lowest ever recorded since the state started keeping records in 1935.

Listed below are the numbers provided for several counties in the traffic-heavy, central corridor of Pennsylvania, as provided by PennDOT.

Cumberland County
Population: 250,066
Total Crashes: 2,520
Fatal Crashes: 23
Injury Crashes: 1,018
Property Damage-only Crashes: 1,479

Dauphin County
Population: 275,710
Total Crashes: 3,457
Fatal Crashes: 36
Injury Crashes: 1,431
Property Damage-only Crashes: 1,990

Franklin County
Population: 154,234
Total Crashes: 1,485
Fatal Crashes: 18
Injury Crashes: 619
Property Damage-only Crashes: 848

Lackawanna County
Population: 210,761
Total Crashes: 2,712
Fatal Crashes: 20
Injury Crashes: 1,157
Property Damage-only Crashes: 1,535

Lancaster County
Population: 542,903
Total Crashes: 5,822
Fatal Crashes: 41
Injury Crashes: 2,521
Property Damage-only Crashes: 3,260

Lebanon County
Population: 139,754
Total Crashes: 1,579
Fatal Crashes: 20
Injury Crashes: 676
Property Damage-only Crashes: 883

Luzerne County
Population: 317,343
Total Crashes: 3,604
Fatal Crashes: 25
Injury Crashes: 1,585
Property Damage-only Crashes: 1,994

York County
Population: 446,078
Total Crashes: 4,794
Fatal Crashes: 36
Injury Crashes: 2,007
Property Damage-only Crashes: 2,751

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