At Least 1 Dead in Lebanon County Crash Involving 20 Semi-Trucks

Multiple truck accidents were reported in a short span of time in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania late Wednesday night, all along Interstate 81 and Interstate 78. At least one death has been reported among the accidents, but the victim’s identity has not yet been disclosed to the public. It is also not known at this time how many motorists were injured in the crashes.

Investigators are starting to receive more details about what might have happened. With numerous semi-trucks involved, there could be liability spread among multiple parties. Some reports say at least 20 commercial trucks were involved in five separate accidents, including one truck carrying dangerous chemicals that required a hazmat response.

The leading theory is that one or more drivers or truckers lost control of their vehicles due to a recent downpour that hit the region. In just two hours, two different storms passed overhead. The National Weather Service estimates that about 1.5 inches of rain fell in that brief amount of time. Motorists not expecting inclement weather could have skidded and slid on the wet asphalt, resulting in the crashes.

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