Out-of-State Car Accidents: Where to File Your Lawsuit?

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Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident is often frustrating. But it can be downright confusing if you were hit while driving through another state. What are you supposed to do then? Where do you file an out-of-state car accident claim?

Typically, you can file an out-of-state car accident claim in one of two states:

  • Where the accident happened: If you were driving through New York but you are from Pennsylvania when a drunk driver hit you, then you will have to file your car accident claim in New York.
  • Where the defendant lives: If you were driving through New York, you are from Pennsylvania, and a drowsy driver from New Jersey hit you, then you can file your claim in a court in New York or New Jersey.

In both situations, you cannot file your claim in your home state of Pennsylvania or whichever state you consider home. This is not convenient, but nothing about a car accident case is.

Choosing the State Carefully

If you have a choice as to where to file an out-of-state car accident claim – such as in the second example in which neither you nor the liable driver live in the state where the accident occurred – then you will want to pick carefully. Each state has its own rules for liability, and some might favor the defendant more. Choosing the one that favors the plaintiff isn’t cheating, it’s just doing what is right for you, who has been injured due to someone else’s negligence.

Getting Outside Help

You need to file an out-of-state car accident claim because you were hit while in another state. But filing your claim in that state and managing your case as it progresses could require you to keep going back to a courtroom in that state. Most people don’t have the time, resources, or energy to do that, so what can you do?

For out-of-state car accident claims, you can hire a car accident attorney in that other state. They can guide you throughout your case and even represent you in most if not all of the courtroom proceedings that happen there, saving you the trouble of traveling. You should be sure that the attorney you hire is familiar with out-of-state cases and the nuances that can arise during them.

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