What You Need to Know About Driving Near an Elephant Race

one truck passing another

Throughout Pennsylvania, there are many ports and hubs for large commercial trucks. Several highways, such as route 81, are thoroughfares for many trucks, with drivers making long treks to deliver goods. While most truck drivers are safe, there are a select few who can be negligent.

One of the biggest problems that can arise on the road is an elephant race. Below, we will explain this incident and ways for drivers to stay safe whenever they approach one.

What Is an Elephant Race?

An elephant race occurs when one large commercial truck driver attempts to pass another on the road with at least two lanes in each direction. When a truck is carrying heavier cargo, the driver may turn on the hazard lights and drive slower than posted speed limits. Drivers with lighter cargo may attempt to pass on the left.

While this is perfectly legal, it can cause a big slow down in traffic. The result could be a severe accident, so it’s crucial for drivers to know how to operate around an elephant race to avoid a collision.

How Do Drivers Stay Safe?

If you’re driving near two large commercial trucks, space is the most important thing. Trucks cannot stop on a dime, and one passing another is a recipe for disaster when a driver is following too closely. As you approach commercial trucks, first look to see if the truck in the back intends to try and pass the truck in front of them.

Let the truck over and give them space to operate so that you don’t have to slam on your brakes. Wait until they have fully merged back into the right lane before speeding up again to pass them.

While you can take specific steps to keep yourself safe, you cannot always predict how a negligent truck driver may act. And while we know that passenger vehicles cause roughly 80% of all truck accidents, the most catastrophic and deadly injuries occur when a truck driver is negligent.

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