Attorneys Zach Campbell and Clark DeVere Obtain $700,000 Settlement Against Trucking Company

line of company trucks

Attorneys Zach Campbell and Clark DeVere resolved a lawsuit against a trucking outfit for injuries their client suffered in a crash. The client was a pedestrian and was struck by a truck at a worksite.

The lawsuit alleged that the client was severely injured after the truck ran over their client causing serious injuries that required multiple hospitalizations.

The lawsuit proceeded through a contested litigation process involving testimony from several witnesses. No settlement offers were made prior to the filing of the lawsuit. After two years of litigation, a mediation was held and a settlement was reached in the amount of $700,000.

“We filed the lawsuit within months of the crash. As in most cases we handle, we advised the client to take an aggressive approach. Although our client made a good recovery from his serious injuries, he unfortunately is going to be left with a lifetime of pain and scarring,” according to Campbell.

“We believe by taking an aggressive approach we were able to preserve the evidence and establish that there was not a working back-up alarm on the truck that struck our client. Without a working back-up alarm, we argued that our client would have had no warning sign that the truck was moving in reverse near him. We will continue to fight for our clients even in the most difficult factual scenarios,” Campbell said after the settlement.

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