What You Need to Know About Pennsylvania Car Accident Laws

phone taking a picture of damage to a vehicle after a crash

Throughout the nation, different states implement specific laws regarding car accident claims and who is liable for compensation. In Pennsylvania, car accident claims typically follow a no-fault system. In most situations, a driver would file their claim with their own insurance provider. Their policy would pay for all expenses associated with the crash.

It’s vital to know that Pennsylvania drivers have options. They can choose to purchase one of two different policies that would opt them out of the no-fault system. You can pick between limited and full tort coverage, each providing you further options to obtain compensation after a crash.

Limited Tort Coverage

Pennsylvania law allows drivers to purchase limited tort coverage. With this coverage, you and any family members who fall under your policy can seek limited compensation for damages after a crash. This type of coverage covers the following:

However, it won’t cover non-economic compensation like your pain and suffering. You may be able to file an additional lawsuit against the at-fault driver for severe injuries in addition to your limited tort coverage.

Full Tort Coverage

By purchasing full tort coverage, you can protect yourself and any family members under your policy. This coverage allows you to recover economic and non-economic compensation in your claim regardless of how severe your injury is. Even if you don’t suffer an injury, you can seek compensation for all damages.

Purchasing full tort coverage is often one of the best ways to protect your rights moving forward.

Our Pennsylvania car accident attorneys are here to explain your options. Trust that Metzger Wickersham is ready to stand by your side and pursue the compensation you deserve after a crash. We’ve got the experience and knowledge to detail which option works best for you and build a strong claim on your behalf.

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