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Medical Gross Negligence Attorneys in Harrisburg

Standing Up for Patients After Egregious Medical Errors

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical provider – doctor, nurse, surgeon, pharmacist, etc. – makes a negligent mistake that ends up hurting a patient or worsening a preexisting condition. Medical gross negligence is a specific type of medical malpractice that occurs when the mistake made is essentially inexcusable under all circumstances because it is so dangerous, outlandish, or illogical. Any medical provider who acts out of gross negligence should have reasonably understood that what they were doing would endanger, harm, or kill a patient.

There are three common ways medical gross negligence is defined:

  • Deliberate acts with a high likelihood of hurting the patient
  • Behavior that the average person would consider obviously reckless
  • Voluntary disregard for a patient’s wellbeing or rights

Have you been hurt through a medical provider’s gross negligence? Metzger Wickersham in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania wants to know what happened. We partner with a team of legal professionals with the know-how and tenacity required to take on medical groups and insurance companies that often double down their defense efforts when accused of allowing gross negligence to lead to patient harm.

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Forms of Medical Malpractice Gross Negligence

Do you suspect you have been a victim of medical gross negligence that goes beyond the issues in an average medical malpractice claim? While gross negligence can come in many forms, a common thread among them is that the patient may endure significant pain and suffering, require future medical treatments and surgeries, and could experience lifelong complications or consequences. If your medical provider has made a mistake so egregious that it feels life-changing, then you could have a gross negligence claim on your hands that we can help file and manage.

Medical gross negligence can cause or contribute to the following serious issues and more:

  • Incorrect surgery location: Surgeons should always clearly mark the body parts that require an operation. Yet there are cases of wrong-site surgeries each year, and sometimes wrong-site amputations.
  • Unnecessary surgery: Most medical providers agree that surgery is typically a last resort due to its inherent risks. A doctor who is grossly negligent of their duty of care might recommend surgeries when they are unnecessary or when alternative treatment options exist.
  • Leftover foreign object: Another egregious surgical error is when a surgeon leaves a medical instrument – often a piece of gauze or sponge – inside a patient before stitching them up. Even if the leftover foreign object does not cause immediate harm, the patient will have to undergo another surgery and risk all of its complications.
  • Anesthesia error: An incorrect level of anesthesia administered before surgical procedures could leave the patient conscious enough to feel pain during the operation. On the other end of the spectrum, too much anesthesia can be deadly.
  • Loss of sight: Gross negligence can lead to sensory loss, such as loss of eyesight or hearing loss. Even partial sensory loss can be a life-changing experience that requires the patient to seek new employment, living situations, and so forth.
  • Lifelong pain and suffering: When gross negligence causes a patient to suffer a catastrophic injury or illness, it can be the direct cause of a life of chronic pain and hardships that could have been avoided had the medical provider been more careful.

Medical Gross Negligence Lawsuit Time Limits in Pennsylvania

How long do you have to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in Pennsylvania after suffering due to gross negligence? The statute of limitations is the same two-year limit that applies to most medical malpractice claims. The clock begins on the date of injury or when you became aware of your injury, which is important since you might not find a surgical error – like a piece of medical equipment left inside you – until days or weeks after your surgery.

The average time to settle a medical gross negligence malpractice lawsuit varies depending on the specific details involved in each case. For the most part, though, defendants want to fight gross negligence accusations as much as they can because losing such a claim can be damaging to their finances and reputations. You can probably expect your case to take at least a year to conclude, but it could take longer. Again, it is difficult to estimate an average time length for a medical malpractice settlement, and it is better to discuss possibilities with our attorneys.

Don’t Wait to Hire Your Lawyer

Building a strong claim of medical gross negligence takes time, effort, legal experience, and access to medical experts. By teaming up with Metzger Wickersham and our Harrisburg gross negligence lawyers, you can give your claim the fighting chance you deserve when going up against major insurance companies and large medical institutions. We have been representing people throughout Pennsylvania since 1888, and our long history of successful case results proves we have always gone above and beyond for our clients.

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