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What To Do When Injured

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What To Do When Injured


If you have been injured in any kind of accident, from an auto accident to an injury from a defective product, you will need to take immediate action to ensure you and others are safe and to protect your legal rights. The decisions you make after your accident can greatly affect the outcome of your subsequent personal injury claim, including the decision you have to make then and there at the scene of the accident.

A few things that can help after essentially any accident are:

  • Call for help: In most states, the authorities should be notified whenever there is an accident that causes a serious injury or significant property damage. If someone has been badly injured, then you should dial 911. When the authorities arrive, they can help control the situation and give people first-aid and potentially take them to the emergency room. The authorities should also create various reports about what happened, which can help you later if you need to file a claim.
  • Photograph the scene: Use your smartphone to photograph the scene of your accident as much as you can without putting yourself in the way of danger. Whether you were in a crash or fell down some steps in a department store, the condition of the scene can fully explain why it happened without words.
  • Talk to bystanders: From your perspective, it might be baffling why your accident happened, especially if it was caused abruptly by someone else’s unpredictable negligence. But a bystander might have had a much clearer view of the entire situation and can explain what happened better than you ever could. Talk to bystanders and ask for their contact information if they are willing to provide a testimony for you to use in your claim or lawsuit.
  • See a doctor: Be sure to get proper medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you feel like you might be relatively okay, you need to go to a medical clinic the same day for an examination from a physician. They might uncover symptoms that show you have an underlying injury. Your medical record will also be strong evidence for your claim, so you want it to be thorough and include at least a check-up within 24 hours of your accident. It is crucial that you follow your doctor’s orders as closely as possible and never skip an appointment. If there are gaps in your medical treatment, then an insurance company will jump at that chance to say that your carelessness has worsened your injuries.
  • Speak with an attorney: If you believe your injury was caused by another party’s negligence, you should speak with a local personal injury attorney soon. Attorneys can do their best work when they have the most time to analyze and collect evidence, so waiting a while to speak with a legal professional could complicate things. Also, if you call an attorney shortly after your accident, then you can use their counsel to guide you while you first report your accident to any of your insurance providers, like an auto insurance company after a crash. The things you say to your insurer are just as important as what you do when dealing with an opposing insurer.

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