Why Is It Important to Have Full Tort on My Car Insurance?

Why Is It Important to Have Full Tort on My Car Insurance?

When you purchase car insurance in Pennsylvania, you must choose what is called a “tort option.” There are two options, and the difference between the two greatly affects what kind of compensation you are entitled to if you are injured in a car accident that's not your fault.

The “full tort" option is necessary if you want to protect your right to receive compensation for all kinds of damages from a car accident. With full tort, you are entitled to compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include any wage loss, out-of-pocket expenses, and medical bills not covered by your own car insurance. Non-economic damages would be any pain, suffering, and anguish you are forced to endure because of someone else’s carelessness and negligence.

The “limited tort" option is, frankly, less expensive. This is because you are voluntarily giving up the right to receive compensation for non-economic damages if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident. If you have limited tort, by law, you must meet one of several "exceptions" in order to receive any compensation for pain and suffering.

If you've been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, our firm can help you obtain fair and appropriate compensation for your damages. While we strongly recommend carrying full tort on your car insurance policy, in certain circumstances we may be able to help even if you have the limited tort option. An experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney can help you navigate the law and ensure you get all you deserve.

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