10 Safety Tips to Serve Up a Safe Thanksgiving

  1. Thanksgiving is almost here, so it’s time to start thinking about Turkey Day safety. Nothing ruins a family gathering faster than someone getting hurt. Gobble up these tips to help keep everyone safe and to ensure your Thanksgiving is fun for the entire family. 10 Safety Tips to Serve Up a Safe Thanksgiving Never leave flames unattended: According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Thanksgiving is the worst day of the year for house fires, so reviewing basic fire safety in the home is critical. Never leave an open flame unattended, be it a lit candle or a burning stovetop. Be careful and prepare thoroughly if you plan to deep fry a turkey.
  2. Test all smoke alarms: The morning before you start cooking your Thanksgiving feast, you should take a few minutes to test all smoke alarms in your house. Replace batteries and alarms as needed.
  3. Triple check meat temperatures: Of course, fire is not the only hazard to worry about on Thanksgiving. Food poisoning is a mean one, too. Triple check the temperature of all prepared meats and know the safety guidelines for each. Different meats need to be cooked to different temperatures before they can be considered safe for consumption.
  4. Handle knives responsibly: Use caution when handling a sharp knife to prepare food or carve the turkey. Serious laceration injuries are among the most common on Thanksgiving. You can buy cut-resistant gloves if you aren’t confident with your knife handling skills. Never allow a child to use a sharp knife.
  5. Clear a path: When all the food is ready to eat, be careful when serving it. If you have to carry the food to the dining room table make sure that the pathway between the kitchen and the table is completely clear of any tripping hazards. Inform everyone in the house that you are going to start carrying food, so they know to stay out of the way.
  6. Research food first aid: All adults in your household should have at least basic knowledge of food-related first aid, especially how to help someone who is choking. You can research how to safely perform the Heimlich maneuver. There might even be quick courses you can take, which are often hosted by the American Red Cross.
  7. Toss out table scraps: Don’t forget to take care of Fido, too. Avoid giving your dogs and cats food that could cause them to choke, like bones and large pieces of gristle. Beware of foods that are poisonous to your pets, such as onions and chocolate for dogs.
  8. Store food properly: After everyone has had their fill, you should start to pack up the food to store it in the fridge. Certain prepared foods like most meats can start experiencing bacterial growth within a few hours of being left at room temperature, so you shouldn’t delay this important process.
  9. Shop remotely: Want to stay out of shopping crowds this year? Why not complete the majority of your holiday shopping from home? It’s a win-win; shop from the comforts of your couch and snag even better online deals!
  10. Never drink and drive: This tip is one to abide by all year-round, but especially during the holiday season. Most national and major holidays see a dramatic increase in the number of drunk driving accidents due to more people leaving their homes after having wine, beer, and spirits. However, holiday spirits and driving don’t mix. Join Metzger Wickersham in our fight against impaired driving. Do your part to keep the roads in our community safe – never drink and drive, not even after one drink.

From everyone at Metzger Wickersham in Pennsylvania, we wish you and your family a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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