Compensation You Might Recover After a Crash

person holding their neck after a crash

Every car accident claim is different. As such, it’s crucial to hire a lawyer after an injury to help you seek the maximum compensation available to you. In Pennsylvania, you can recover different types of compensation for the damages you sustain. Below, we will explain compensation, how much you might recover, and ways to maximize your recovery.

What Is Economic Compensation?

You can suffer severe injuries and property damage due to a crash. Medical bills, repair costs, and more can add up quickly. The money you lose because of the collision is considered an economic loss. When filing a claim, you can pursue monetary compensation that covers these losses, including:

  • Money paid out of pocket for medical care
  • Lost income when you cannot work
  • Repair costs for your vehicle damage

Recovering economic compensation means you have receipts and statements to show how much you lost.

What Is Non-Economic Compensation?

Non-economic compensation can be more of a challenge to recover because there are no associated costs. You can’t show receipts or statements detailing the amount you need to recover. That’s because non-economic compensation covers your mental anguish and pain and suffering. The more significant the injury’s impact on your quality of life, the more you may recover in non-economic compensation.

Working with a lawyer can maximize the amount you may recover.

Does Pennsylvania Have Punitive Damages?

In some situations, Pennsylvania courts may award injury victims punitive damages. Courts award punitive damages when determining the defendant’s actions to be malicious or willful. You must show that the person responsible for your injuries was reckless.

Punitive damages require:

  • Plaintiffs to show significant proof
  • A case to go to trial
  • Plaintiffs to recover other damages

When a court awards punitive damages, they do so to punish the defendant and discourage future reckless action.

At Metzger Wickersham, we focus on your rights. Our Pennsylvania car accident lawyers work to provide you with a clear understanding of your losses and pursue the maximum compensation available to you. We’re here to help you when it matters most!

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