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All types of burn injuries can be extremely painful and have lasting effects, but chemical burns are notoriously bad. Also known as “caustic” burns, chemical burns are caused by contact between the skin and a corrosive or abrasive substance. Victims often experience severe pain, significant scarring, and other immediate symptoms, but in cases involving relatively mild chemical substances, the burn injury may not be immediately apparent. Like a sunburn, a chemical burn can take several hours to develop.

In any case, you should not have to suffer the lasting consequences of a chemical burn on your own. If you believe someone else was responsible for the accident or incident that caused your injuries, you could have grounds for a personal injury claim or lawsuit—and Metzger Wickersham can help.

Since 1888, our firm has been providing compassionate, client-focused legal services to the people of Pennsylvania. We draw on our more than 135-year history and our esteemed reputation. We proudly represent our clients in settlement negotiations and at trial. We are also committed to remaining on the cutting-edge of the law, staying up to date on advanced investigative techniques and trial practices to help ensure that our clients receive the level of representation they deserve.

If you suffered chemical burns due to a defective product or any accident resulting from someone else’s negligence, contact Metzger Wickersham at (888) 286-2850 now for a free consultation. 

Common Causes of Chemical Burns

As previously mentioned, chemical burns are caused by contact with harsh irritants and corrosive substances. Common substances that may cause severe chemical burn damage to the eyes or skin can be found in the workplace, as well as homes where children may reside. Irresponsible storage of these materials, improper cleanup after their use, or authorizing their use without proper warning of risks may be considered negligent acts if they lead to chemical burn injuries.

Chemical burns may be caused by a variety of substances, including but not limited to:

  • Wet concrete
  • Batteries
  • Mold removers
  • Industrial cleaners
  • Paint thinners/removers
  • Metalworking fluids
  • Epoxy resins
  • Products made with lye
  • Gasoline
  • Strong acids

If you or a loved one has sustained a chemical burn and believe the negligence of another party may be to blame, talk to a Pennsylvania chemical burn attorney at Metzger Wickersham about your rights. You may be entitled to compensation for damages related to your injury.

Symptoms of Chemical Burns

Chemical burns can lead to blindness or other life-changing injuries. Direct skin contact may not be necessary; injury could occur from inhalation of fumes and gases. Before you use any cleaner or solvent, make sure to read the warning label completely and follow the recommended steps to take in case of exposure to skin or eyes.

Symptoms of a chemical burn could include the following:

  • Burning, redness, or irritation at contact site
  • Blistering or black, dead skin at contact site
  • Numbness or pain at contact site
  • Changes in vision
  • Vomiting
  • Respiratory problems

These and other symptoms can be potentially life-threatening if prompt treatment is not sought. Even in cases of mild burns, you should still see a doctor after first taking several important steps to treat the burn injury at home.

What to Do If You Sustain a Chemical Burn

If you believe you may have a chemical burn, it is important that you act quickly to minimize damage. For any injuries that appear serious, or if you are unsure whether the substance that caused the burn is toxic, see a medical professional right away.

To treat a chemical burn, do the following:

  • Immediately remove the source of the burn by flushing your skin with cool, running water for 10 minutes or more. Make sure you wear gloves or use a towel or another barrier when handling the substance/container and flushing your skin.
  • Remove any clothing, jewelry, watches, shoes, or other items that may have been contaminated by the chemical or substance. Again, wear gloves or use a towel when handling any potentially contaminated items.
  • After flushing the skin, bandage the injury. Use a sterile bandage made of gauze, as opposed to cotton, which may stick to the burn. Ensure the bandage is wrapped loosely so as to avoid putting pressure on the affected area.
  • If burning or other symptoms continue or worsen, remove the bandage and flush the skin again. If symptoms continue to persist, contact a doctor or go to the hospital. You should also schedule an appointment for a tetanus shot if your booster is not up to date.

When to Seek Emergency Medical Attention

In some cases, chemical burns can be life-threatening.

You should seek emergency medical attention if:

  • The burn is deep
  • The affected area is more than three inches (eight centimeters) in diameter
  • You have been burned on the face, hands, feet, groin, buttocks, or another sensitive area

When seeking emergency medical attention, take note of the chemical or substance that caused the burn or, if possible, bring the container with you. This can provide the treating physician with the information they need to provide proper care.

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If you suffer a chemical burn as a result of someone's negligence or irresponsibility, you deserve a strong advocate on your side. You may be eligible for compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost time from work, among other damages. A Pennsylvania chemical burn attorney at Metzger Wickersham may be able to help you obtain the compensation that's rightfully yours.

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Who Is Liable for a Chemical Burn?

If someone else was at fault for the incident that resulted in your burn injury, you could have grounds for a personal injury case. Determining who is liable depends on several key factors.

These factors include but are not limited to:

  • The Source of the Burn: Was the burn caused by a defective product or dangerous substance? Did the substance come without proper warning labels? Were you using the chemical on the job?
  • The Cause of the Accident: Did a manufacturer produce a defective chemical? Was another person acting negligently? Did your employer or a coworker violate safety standards in the workplace?
  • The Duty of Care: Did another person or party, such as a product manufacturer or some other entity, owe you a duty of care? Did they have a legal responsibility to act reasonably to prevent you from being injured?
  • Negligence/Wrongdoing: Did the other person or party act negligently, recklessly, carelessly, or wrongfully? Was your injury the result of intentional misconduct or an act of violence, such as assault?
  • Your Degree of Negligence: Were you negligent in any way, and did this contribute to or cause the accident? Were you more at fault than the other party, or were you only partially to blame for the incident?

Our Pennsylvania chemical burn attorneys understand the complexities involved in these types of cases. We also understand your need for immediate and ongoing medical care, as well as fair financial compensation to cover these and other related costs.

We work tirelessly to build powerful cases for our clients, demonstrating the defendant’s liability and the full extent of your damages. As a large, established firm, we have the resources needed to effectively litigate your case.

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